Fullcrhum Bio-Remediation Technology Solutions (FBTS)

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Bioremediation is a technology solution that harnesses the power of natural micro-organisms to clean-up toxic environmental situations.

Do you have a problem with contamination or pollution directly related to:

  • oil spills?
  • mining and/or exploration activities?
  • excessive cattle and/or farming activities?

Would you also like to:

  • improve your agricultural growth performance?
  • be able to combat effectively the pestilence and/or diseases that plague your agricultural crops?

If the answer to any or all of the above questions is YES, then we at FBTS can solve these problems ... if you will let us? To contact FBTS, please complete the enquiry form with brief details of your contamination/pollution problem and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

RPG Company Structure


Over the past 24 years The RoadPacker Group (RPG) has ploughed a lonely furrow down the field in pursuit of seeking to gain establishment-acceptance of their proprietary chemical Ionic Soil Stabilisation Technology as "The Standard".

In what began as a fledgling industry, we've watched it grow from the "snake oil" start-up days to that of present day respectability as a proven technology. RPG's research has consistently been at the bleeding-edge of innovation and has stood as a foundation of 'norm' and a 'standard-bearer' in the science of Chemical Soil Stabilisation. In doing so, we like to think that RPG has encouraged the technology to emerge from the shadows into the sunlight of the academic and engineering world.

As a result of dealing with the many variations of clay based soils from every corner of the globe, we at RPG feel that we have gained an exceptional insight into the need for a new and completely effective solution to deal with the ever increasing problems of Oil Spills. The resultant collateral damage inflicted on any fauna, soil, water-tables and/or wild life, in the vicinity of any such toxic contamination and pollution has consequently become a central FBTS priority, as depicted in the RPG business pyramid above.

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